Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes $55      1 hour  $95     90 minutes $140     2 hours  $190
Deep tissue massage realigns muscles & connective tissue that goes deeper than the surface skin layers reduces chronic pain, muscle spasm, physical injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

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2 hr Couples Spa & Massage Special $120 each
1 hr Deep Tissue Massage + Herbal Mud Bath + 1/2 hr Infrared Sauna

Deep Tissue is a specialist massage technique that focuses on realigning the muscles and connective tissues at a level that goes deeper than the surface skin layers. The strokes used are slower and deeper pressure, focused on the areas that are experiencing chronic pain,  muscle spasm and patients who have sustained physical injury. Wherever there is chronic muscle tension or injury one of the biggest problems is that there are usually adhesion’s present – bands of rigid tissue that are in themselves painful. Deep tissue massage works by actually breaking down these adhesion’s which will not only help relieve pain but over time will help restore more normal movement as well.

It is not uncommon for receivers of deep tissue massage to have their pain replaced with a new muscle ache or a feeling of bruising for a day or two after there massage as we are releasing stagnant blood that has been stored in the muscle for long periods of time. This will free the muscle create better blood flow & reduce pain over a period of time. These sorts of injuries or chronic pain need a lot of work & need regular massage until the problems are resolved. At least weekly treatments are required for best results.